Notepad poem

NotepadHere is a poem by UAL’s Learn-IT coordinator, Chrissy Kelly – inspired by the CSM My Digital Life event – thank you Chrissy!








The ode to my notepad
It’s beautiful cover, it’s wonderful pages
The love, that smells strongly
from all of its sketches
Its history, the joy, it so clearly extends

Will you be loved still, when I fill all your Pages?
Or will you be Sent to sit in my loft while you wait, in the hope, I become famous
To be resurrected, to prize place at a museum, the Tate?

My doodles, my thoughts, my inner
Most feelings, containing
Lines of Hundreds and hundreds of
Positive affirmations
My writing, my notes, my dinner menus, my hatreds
My wants and my thoughts
Past feelings so cruelly, discarded
For a new digital friend

My ode to my notepad
My lover my friend
I will give you to my children
Who will think what a freak is
This thing from their mother,
as they type on their
iPad iphone,and iparent
and tell me they can’t live without their digital friend
oh notepad, oh notepad is this really truly the end?

Image: CC BY-NC 2.0 Murata_S


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