Call for proposals: Technology, Culture, Practice conference – postgraduate students only

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4 x £150 bursaries for selected students – Application deadline: 15 May 2015

UAL Postgraduate students are invited to submit a proposal to give a 10 minute presentation at Designs on eLearning 2015: Technology, Culture, Practice, an international conference to be hosted at Central Saint Martins on 16 – 17 September 2015.

This is an exciting opportunity to present your work and ideas amongst a stimulating group of art and design educators, and to meet students from across UAL. The selected students will be supported in developing their presentations with an opportunity to run through and receive feedback prior to the conference. In addition to this, selected Postgraduate students will receive a £150 bursary to attend the conference and a dinner at Lassco, Ropewalk. The bursaries are kindly being offered from the Postgraduate Communities of Practice Fund.

The brief

As our relationship with networked digital technology continues to dominate many aspects of our cultural and social lives, it is clear that the digital intersects the personal, educational, professional, creative, and leisure dimensions of our experience. This situation is often referred to as ‘post-digital’, indicating not that the digital is ‘over’, but that it can’t be separated from other aspects of life. Nigel Carrington, UAL’s Vice Chancellor, has recently spoken of the need for UAL to adapt to the post-digital era by combining our culture of studio practice, which is messy, ambiguous and experimental, with technological processes, techniques and critique.

We want to understand what ‘post-digital’ means from a student perspective, and how it plays out in relation to your creative practice. These are some prompt questions:

  • What does it mean to be a post-digital artist?
  • When technology ‘disappears’ into everyday use, how can we remain critical of it?
  • What does ‘making’ look like in a post-digital context?
  • Is the term ‘post-digital’ helpful for artists and designers?

You can choose to approach the theme of ‘post-digital’ in another way if you prefer. We would like to see examples of your creative practice, so try to think about how you will represent it. Your presentation should be no more than 10 minutes, but can be in a format of your choice – a presentation with slides, video, audio, performance, or any other format you feel is appropriate.

What to submit
Your name, email, college, course
250 words outlining your presentation
2 images of your creative work

15 May 2015
Submit by email to

About Del 2015
Designs on eLearning (DeL) is an international conference exploring the use of technology in art and design Higher Education. As digital technologies continue to transform the creative and pedagogic landscape, we face exciting possibilities and new challenges for the future of education. Themed Technology, Culture, Practice, DeL 2015 aims to explore forms of learning that take place in digital contexts within and beyond HE institutions.
You can find full details on the DeL 2015 website, or subscribe to the DeL mailing list.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

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